Mar 302011

I am always contented with regular mobile phones. As an enthusiast blogger I work on my PC almost 24/7 and it never occurred to me that smartphones would do much good in my life. Seriously, my life has been revolving round a mobile phone (a non-techy but ordinary, plain mobile phone) and a desktop… until the day I met Nexus S!! I’m sorry to say (to my Sony Ericsson W810i) I’ve fallen head over heels for Nexus S, completely! And if you are a regular mobile phone holder, you gotta hear me out here. There’s nothing wrong with a plain mobile phone, but look at how much we could have missed out here:

1. It’s all about GOOGLE

Quite a number of useful Google apps are pre-installed in this device. Nexus S makes our life easier with some familiar apps like Gmail, Google map, Gtalk, Google News and more. You do not have to look elsewhere, just login with your Google account and you can enjoy the best Google experience ever! You can customize and add your selected apps to desktop like I did! All Google applications are performing amazingly well on Nexus S.

preinstalled google apps in Nexus S

2. Android Market – more, more applications!

If you are new to smartphone like me, you gonna love Google Android market! It consists of a great amount of FREE apps you can install to your mobile device to make it more user friendly and powerful! I have already tested some utilities and even game apps on it. It’s really addictive but makes life with Nexus S a lot more interesting. More on this topic soon.

android market

3. Stylish design, Sporty look and Feel

The 4-inch, 800×480 curved Super AMOLED display is incredible and comes with a contoured sensation. The slightly curved design of Nexus S offers a better grip on the phone. It fits perfectly in my pocket and on my palm, much better than my ‘thick’ W810i. The touchscreen is big (4-inches) and great for viewing website, play games and taking photos. Google Nexus S weight is 129g which is slightly heavier than my Sony Ericsson (99g) but I think with all the functions and capabilities, I have nothing to complain.

stylish google nexus s

4. Quick and Smooth Internet Browsing

Internet pages load swiftly and can play Flash within the browser. It’s quick and powerful. Thanks to 1GHz Hummingbird processor and Gingerbread 2.3 OS. More stable without hanging problem. I love the zooming feature for websites. For your info, I am using WIFI to access internet and the speed of opening website is acceptable and responded precisely. I tested this at some Free Wifi hotspot around the area, impressive. Love how I can keep connected with friends and customers online (twitter, facebook) and offline (phone), this is something my W810i cannot do, at least not cost effectively.

before and after zooming

5. Entertainment Center: Camera, Video & Game Station

Now, I can go anywhere by just bringing Nexus S as I can always turn on the music/songs or watch movies with a headphone. My W810i is great for music, but in terms of camera and video, Nexus S has the edge way over it. I’ll show you why in the coming post.

google nexus s back view

6. Battery life

Battery life is the most important criteria if you are using the mobile device a lot. I used to travel with my laptop and W810i just to stay connected, but bringing a laptop along for each trip is not ideal. I remembered that my new laptop battery can only last for 2 and half hours and it’s not convenient for gaming or watching movies. I would not say that Google Nexus S’ battery is confirmed lasting but I tried it for gaming and music on the first day for 6 hours straight without customizing any power settings! That’s amazing to me. In the future post, I will share some tips on how you can save battery life, I tested that and got extra 4 hours! Don’t miss that.

7. More Choices in Connectivity

Nexus S offers various connectivity such as Wi-Fi, GPRS, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity. My phone has neither Wi-Fi nor 3G, as I said earlier; bringing a laptop with me is not always a good choice when travelling. I DO NEED a combination of both – Nexus S.

Extra: What You Should Know!

FIRST Android phone to support NFC

Google Nexus S is the first Android phone to support NFC (Near Field Communication) with full functionality to support mobile payments and other services. Simply touch Nexus S phone to the interactive sticker or smart posters that has NFC technology built in and you will find out more information about the products and services. However this is not widely adapted in Malaysia now but Nexus S can prepare us for the technology in no time!

google nexus s first screen

So the bottom line is, Google Nexus S is a powerful combination of a mobile phone and a laptop. Nowadays, we are so dependable to internet and phone messaging and it is impossible to have two devices for the tasks, especially if you travel a lot. I will go more in depth about the features soon, but before that, let me know what is your stand in Google Nexus S vs. regular phone?

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