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Girl is reading books

Girl is reading books

Reading is a good habit. Everyday we read newspaper, magazines, blogs, ebooks, reference books to gain extra knowledge. There are variety of benefit for reading a good and quality books. Reading is important because thorough reading books, it helps us to think logically and wisely. Besides that, we can also learn valuable lesson from the mistakes of other people from the history books.

Therefore, investing some money to buy books is not a waste of money but is a way to the success path. Please remember the golden rule Knowledge Is Power

Here Im going to list out 7 best free ebooks websites (in my own opinion) for you to download free ebooks. All the ebooks are available for download free of charge and without user registration at all. So, enjoy download and enjoy reading.

Note: Theres no specific ranking for these ebooks websites.



1) Project Gutenberg (

– Project Gutenberg is the first and largest single collection of free electronic books(ebooks). There are over 25000 free ebooks and audio books in the Project Gutenberg. You can search the site easily by using their user-friendly search engine. If you are yet undecided which ebook to be read, you may find the top 100 list in Project Gutenberg.

Witguides - Your Free Ebook Library

Witguides - Your Free Ebook Library

2) Witguides (

- Witguides is a ebooks library which has lots of useful e-books that are completely free and available to download. Even the ebooks are not much compare to other giant ebooks store, but the layout and the website design is clean and clear. There are around 400++ ebooks available in their library and the numbers are increasing everyday.

World Public Library

World Public Library

3) Worldlibrary (

- The World Public Library Association is the worlds largest eBook provider. It founded in 1996. There are over 500000++ PDF ebooks and eDocuments to choose from the library. Theres a variety collection of ebooks which are available for free download and the collection is constantly growing. However, in order to have complete access to the entire collection, you have to register as member. Even Im non-member of Worldlibrary, I still find a lot of good free ebooks which available for free download. Check it out yourself.

Online Free Ebooks

Online Free Ebooks

4) OnlineFreeEbooks(

- Online Free is using WordPress template style to display the eBooks. Therefore, you will see the free ebooks are being added everyday. Its simple look of the design but is rich of content for collection eBooks. You will find variety of ebooks in this site and lots of real valuable ebooks worth for download. Foremost thing is no user registration required. Enjoy!!!



5) Ebook3000 (

- Ebook3000 is a open directory for free ebooks download without user registration required. There are lots of categories of eBooks which you can find here include magazine, audiobooks which seldom find from other ebook sites. But one thing that I am not feeling comfortable with the ebooks download links. Most of the download links are from free sharing service portal such as easy-share, rapidshare and etc. Which makes me feel not so stable sometimes. However, since the ebooks are free and available to use immediately. I still put it in my 7 Best eBooks Websites To Download Free Ebooks Without User Registration.

Get Free Ebooks

Get Free Ebooks

6) Getfreeebooks (

- Getfreeebooks is a free ebooks site where you can find the ebooks which are collected from internet or specially compiled by the admin. The website is nice looking and the free ebooks are easy to download as the download link is provided. Its a good ebooks website with tons of useful updated ebooks. Do have a look on this websites and find the ebooks that you want.

Globusz Publishing

Globusz Publishing

7) Globusz (

- Globusz Publishing is a very quality and well design website. I love it when I first saw this ebook website. Their main goal is to help authors build an essential profile, and to give their work global exposure. At the same time, Globusz is helping authors build a network of readers who can download the work free. The ebooks is in .exe format and ready for download. Enjoy the reading.

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  1. I really liked your article. My compliments!! Thank you!

  2. Hi, thank you for your compliments and hope you enjoy the articles in and wish you a very happy new year.

  3. Thank you, great read!

  4. @PLRFAST: Thanks for visiting the blog and glad that you like it. Enjoy!

  5. I’m coming back soon, thanks for such great content

  6. @plrfast: Nice to have you here and do enjoy your stay here.

  7. Thanks, keep on posting

  8. Nice article. Thanks for sharing. I only knew Project Gutenberg and Online Free Ebooks and they are very interesting but now I know some more names :).

    By the way thanks for you comment in my blog. Really appreciate it.


  9. @Krish: Thanks for the comment and great to know that it helps you to find more free ebooks. You have a nice blog and I enjoy reading the posts in your blog. Keep up the good job. :)

  10. @DeViLnoAnGeL InFo: Nice to have you here and you owned a special domain name. :) I hope these free ebooks websites can provide most of the ebooks that you want and enjoy downloading + reading ebooks. Have a nice day.

  11. Wow this is a great information about downloading free ebooks, sometime i need some ebooks to accomplish my college project but somehow i can’t managed all the ebooks i want because the place where i’m downloading don’t have all of them. But you provide 7 list, i think this will handy for me.

    DeViLnoAnGeL InFos last blog post..Boost Your Website Ranking and Web Traffic With Effective SEO Tips

  12. Well, I was wondering if there is any site that would not require user registration for free download… This information was very infromative and useful coz I have to use internet many times to get information from ebooks… Free download has helped me a lot…Your list will be useful for others too.

  13. @Insurance: Great to know that these ebook sites are useful to you. Enjoy the reading and thank you for the compliment. :)

  14. I received my much-anticipated Kindle 2 on Wednesday. Even though I got home at 1 am from a work-related trip, I just had to turn it on and play with it! By morning, I had downloaded my first book. By lunch, I had all my co-workers huddled around it, drooling over it. By dinner, I was in trouble – I downloaded a book for my 11-year old. By 7 pm, I was empty-handed and my daughter was devouring her book.

    We’ve worked out a compromise, but you know what, the Kindle is PERFECT for young readers. She loves the dictionary feature and it really makes her excited to look up the new words (I think she skips that part in reading a “regular book.” In addition, if there’s a word that is hard to pronounce she can turn on the speech feature – it’s not perfect, but it really helps.

    The Kindle is going to be a mainstay in my purse (LOVE the size and LOVE the cover). My co-workers with high schoolers are thinking seriously about investing in the Kindle for the dictionary and highlighting features alone – it’ll be a super tool for them to use now (and in college) when writing papers is an everyday occurrence. Some of my co-workers are also considering it for their spouses who “book club” – the “clippings” feature is perfect for recording thoughts to take to book club.

    Me, I’m a recreational reader and a busy mom who is going to use the Kindle to help make it easier to find time for reading – a book will be at the ready at all times!

  15. I highly recommend the Amazon Kindle as the top choice for ebook readers.

  16. I use, with tons of free books and a friendly interface!

  17. I recommend:

    Another article about user-friendly sites to get free ebooks:

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