May 112011

Gmail is my primary Email program and I get a dozen of emails every day. Therefore, I have to spend some time to process the emails such as checking, replying or forwarding emails either to my friends or customers. Sometimes I think that my time spent on Gmail is a waste before I know how to customize it and make it easier to my life.

I would like to share with you 5 Gmail tips that help me to process Gmail faster and efficiently. If you can apply all the 5 tips below, I believe it will greatly improve your working performance and you can have more time to spend with your family and doing other important things.

Gmail Tip 1: Forward other Email accounts into Gmail account

I have a few different email accounts where I integrated all of them and forward them to my Gmail account. It saves lots of my time to just login to one Gmail account and read all emails.

Gmail Tip 2: Show 100 maximum conversations in one page

The default Gmail setting only show 25 conversations in my Gmail inbox. I prefer to see as many emails in one page so that I can easily spot the important emails. You can configure the settings to show 25, 50 or 100 maximum page size in one page easily by going to Gmail Settings à Maximum page size.

gmail maximum page size

Gmail Tip 3: Turn on Gmail Priority Inbox

This is one of the best features on Gmail. Priority Inbox will help you to organize important and unread emails on the top of your inbox. Gmail will automatically identify the emails that are important to you based on the several factors such as:

1)      How often you email and chat to the person.

2)      Which keywords appear frequently in emails you read?

When you mark a star to an email, it will appear on top of other emails to attract your attention and help you to get important tasks done first.

gmail priority inbox

Gmail Tip 4: Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail keyboard shortcuts are useful method to me because it lets me to abandon the mouse. I can press “c” to compose new email or reply email by pressing “r”. Before you can use keyboard shortcuts, enable it at General Settings and you’ll see a list of keyboard shortcuts. You can learn more about keyboard shortcuts on Gmail help.

gmail keyboard shortcuts

Gmail Tip 5: Gmail Labs to enhance Gmail functionality

Gmail Labs is my favorite place where I can find lots of useful features to turn my Gmail into a powerful email program. There are more than 50 Gmail Labs tools to help Gmail users getting things done in a better ways. Below are some useful labs features that I use now:

1) Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail has a set of default keyboard shortcuts settings but I prefer to create a new set of keyboard shortcuts using new keys to suit my taste. For example, I can change “c” to “co” for compose action.

2) Undo Send

Sometimes I accidently hit the send button too soon and I realized that I need to retrieve back the email again. Therefore, I love this feature as it can cancel my email from being sent for 5- 30 seconds.

3) Video Chat Enhancements

I can easily using Gmail voice and video chat features when I need to talk with my friends and family members. I do not need to use other third party software to setup the video chat. Great!

gmail enabled labs


I believe there are many useful Gmail tips and tricks out there that I might not know and if you know any of them, kindly share with us in the below comment.

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  1. Getting lesser email nowadays. Under 10 in one day. :P

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