Aug 202011

I believe most of you have heard the news that AirAsia will start to charge RM10 (£2.20/US$3.30) check-in fee per passenger to all flights from September 21, 2011 onwards. The flight bookings made before 21 September will not be charged check-in fee. For your info, AirAsia X will also impose check-in fee except at below airports:

1)      Tokyo (Haneda) & Osaka (Kansai), Japan

2)      Seoul (Lncheon), Korea

3)      Tehran (Imam Khomeini), Iran

In other words, passengers who choose to self check-in via AirAsia website, mobile apps (Blackberry, iPhone or Android) will not be affected but guests who choose to check-in at conventional check-in counters at all airports will be applied RM 10 check-in fee.

airasia check in fee

Why AirAsia Charge RM 10 Check-in Fee?

According to AirAsia statement, the self check-in options will encourage passengers to check in online and at the same time reduce operational cost which means the fee is to offset rising fuel costs or airport taxes which will increase from RM 51 to RM 65 in September.

5 Reasons I disagree about AirAsia Check-in Fee

Although I love AirAsia because of its low fares but I still against the idea to impose check-in fee and should stop requesting money from passengers. I have compiled 5 main reasons why I hate about AirAsia check-in fee:

  1. Being the Asia’s largest low cost airline and World’s best low-cost airline from 2009 onwards, the main attraction of AirAsia is the low fares and not its service. However, AirAsia had already increased its services charges for baggage, pick a seat and convenience fees early this year. However, the story is not ended yet because AirAsia had increased fuel surcharge ranging from RM10 to RM90 in May, 2011.
  2. I understand that new check-in fee is a way to encourage more people to check-in via online instead of conventional counters but do you know that there are lots of people who do not know how to use internet (especially old-ages people) and poor people who do not own even PC or smartphone. Please considerate these people’s needs and provide better solutions for them such as exempt the checking fee for particular group.
  3. Everyone loves AirAsia Promotion which always provides super low fares to realize people’s dream to travel with affordable fares. I have doubt on AirAsia famous slogan “Now Everyone Can Fly” because AirAsia’s current air tickets are not cheap anymore after adding all the extra charges and taxes. Sometimes, I found that MAS Airlines’s low fares (all-in Fares) are even cheaper than AirAsia. Bear in mind that MAS fares has included luggage, meal and all surcharges and taxes.
  4. I understand that the self check-in (free) will help AirAsia to reduce the cost of conventional counter check-in and lower the total operational cost. But I still wonder whether AirAsia will give back the savings to guests as rewards by lowering down the fares? In addition, can AirAsia ensures all the self check-in kiosk counters at airport are functioning well and sufficient during peak season such as Hari Raya and Chinese New year.
  5. Trust that most people who do not familiar with web check-in and also don’t want to pay for RM 10 extra check-in fee would opt for self check-in counters at airport. Therefore, I can foresee long queue at Kiosk counters because people are not familiar with self check-in machine. Come on, AirAsia; please concern to children and pregnant women who can’t stand there long and wait for the long queue.

How to Save AirAsia Counter Check-in Fee?

AirAsia Web Check-In

Learn how to use AirAsia Web Check-in service to avoid the counter check-in fee.


I feel sympathize with those people who don’t have personal computer, mobile phone and internet connection because they have no choice but to pay RM 10 check-in fee or waiting for self check-in at Kiosk counter at airport.

In short, I’m quite disappointing with AirAsia’s latest move to charge check-in fee. Do you agree with AirAsia’s new check-in fee? Share your opinions!

New Updates:

Great news! AirAsia has abolished the counter check-in fees for all international flights throughout its route network. All bookings made today (22 December) onwards will be exempted from the RM10 per passenger for counter check-in. AirAsia has announced that the guest(s) under the below categories are exempted from the counter check-in free.

1) Guest(s) with reduced mobility/require special needs (Blind or visually impaired guest, deaf or hearing impaired guest, physically impaired guest)

2) Guest(s) who make booking under Premium Fare.

3) Recheck-in due to flight retime/reschedule.

4) For connecting flight passengers who does not exit the transfer hall upon arrival at the transit point.

  One Response to “5 Reasons Why AirAsia Should Not Charge RM10 Check-In Fee”

  1. I totally disappointed Air-Asia. Last month I purchased air ticket from Air-Asia. I’ve already done self-check in. You know, no one want to change their trip without the reason. Depend on the Thai flood situation , I must change the flight schedule. But I can’t change cause of self check in.They told, I can keep credit shell. I called them and requested for credit shell , since last week, they told me they will send confirmation to my mail. But, they did not send me yet. Tomorrow will be my flight schedule expired. So complicated. I think, Air Asia is the most trickiest air line in the world.

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