Jul 252009

Continued from 30 Great Free Images Stock Sites (part 2)

21. OpenStockPhotography.Org

Quick Stats:

Free Photos search engine with all the images come from wikimedia commons. Therefore no restrictions of usage.
Number of photos: 1,986,590
Terms of Use: Public Domain

Open Stock Photography.Org

22. PhotoRack.Net

Quick Stats:

Free Stock Photos which offers lots of new images in 149 categories. All images are free to use for personal or commercial. No backlink required.
Number of photos: 27,881
Terms of Use: All pictures listed at PhotoRack are free to use for personal and commercial projects. No limitations. No backlink required to use them, however we really appreciate it if you want to link back to us.


23. BarrysFreePhotos.Com

Quick Stats:

Barrys Free Photos offers 2,300 royalty free images in various categories.
Number of photos: 2,300
Terms of Use: License info


Animal Category in BarryFreePhoto.Com

24. BigFoto.Com

Quick Stats:

It features lots of beautiful countries photos around the world such as America, Europe, Asia, Africa, etc
Terms of Use: License info


25. Public Domain Stock Photos

Quick Stats:

Simple free photos website but do have some nice free to use photos.
Terms of Use: License info

Public Domain Stock Photos

26. PdPhoto.Org

Quick Stats:

Thousands of Royalty free, public domain stock images to be used. Free to use including commercial or personal use.
Terms of Use: License info

PD Photo.Org

27. PhotoGen.Com

Quick Stats:

Free Stock Photo Site which provides quality stock photography for both commercial and personal use.
Terms of Use: License info


28. FreeMediaGoo.Com

Quick Stats:

Nice collection of images which can be used for commercial or personal use in film, TV, internet. Royalty Free.
Terms of Use: License info

Free Media Goo.Com

29. ImageBase

Quick Stats:

Beautiful high resolution free photos with full rights for free. Clean website layout and searchable. You can use the images for commercial or personal.
Terms of Use: License info

Image Base

ImageBase Photos

30. Vintagepixels.Com

Quick Stats:

Vintage pixels is a large database which contains free for use historical and high quality images. You can download images for print, or use in graphic design.
Terms of Use: License info

Vintagepixels Photos

  5 Responses to “30 Great Free Images Stock Sites (part 3)”

  1. Not yet used these things. Have to try it.

  2. Hey Lee, you seem to really like photos. You should make a blog about photo along with this current blog :)

  3. @InkAPoint: Nice to see you here and once you try them, do let me know which one is the best. :)

    @Benjamincip: You’re right, Ben. I like photos very much, may be next time I will create new photo blog if got the chance. :)

  4. It’s nice to hear that. On that photo blog you could make some tutorial to create good photo, and place some adsense ad that would get more clicks as they are directly related to photos.

  5. @Benjamincip: Great idea, Ben. Before I can launch a new photo blog, I guess I need to learn some photo taking skills from expert first. :)

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