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People nowadays tend to forget important festivals and events such as Valentine’s Day. Many people thoughts that Valentine’s Day is specially designed for couples and not related to other people but actually Valentine’s Day is a perfect day for you to show love and cares to your family members.

Sometimes, we should show our concern to our loved ones because life is too short and we should appreciate the moments spend with our family members as well. Therefore, send each of them a Valentine’s card or Valentine’s SMS to wish them Happy Valentine and let them know that you are caring for them.

2011 valentine sms quotes

Below are some Valentine’s quotes and Valentine’s SMS for your reference:

1)      For the one I love on Valentine’s Day. Though you’re always a part of my life, this special time reminds me how lucky I am that you’re with me. Let’s have a great holiday!

2)      Special Valentine wishes. You play a very special part in many thoughts of mine; that’s why you’ll always be the one I call my Valentine! This is just the time for me to tell you from my heart that I’m glad it’s you and no one else who plays the special part! Happy Valentine’s Day.

3)      For a Granddaughter and her family on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is special, because it brings the chance to tell each of you how much you mean, and how very much you’re loved! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family, dear Granddaughter!

4)      To a loving Daughter and her family on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a loving time, and the sweetest part of it is telling you how we feel! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family, dear Daughter!

5)      A Valentine message just for you. Valentine greetings, Valentine thoughts and Valentine wishes, too. From all of us here who know that there’s no one who’s nicer than you! Have a great day!

6)      Happy Valentine’s Day, Grandson. I really don’t need a special day to express all the love I feel for you; Just the same, it’s wonderful to greet you with all my heart, and wish you a happy Valentine’s Day! Have a great one, Grandson!

7)      With love, Dad, on Valentine’s Day. Dad, you know this Valentine was chosen just for you; And naturally it’s sure to bring a compliment or two. It lets you know you’re wonderful; The very best by far, and even then, it can’t begin to say how great you are! Happy Valentine’s Day, Dad!

8)      To a dear Son and his wife at Valentine’s Day. Memories of you, Son, and your loving family too; are a cherished part of this whole day and of our rapture, too! Happy Valentine’s Day, with love to the entire family!

9)      For a dear Daughter and Son-in-law on Valentine’s Day. For all of the joy that you bring to the family, we wish you both the joy and love that you deserve on this very special day! Hope that you and your husband have a great Valentine’s Day, dear Daughter!

10)   A wish for you on Valentine’s Day. Some people have a special way of giving happiness, and being so much nicer than the world could ever guess. You’re that kind of person, so you’ll find a word of praise included in this special wish for lots of happy days! Happy Valentine’s Day!

11)   Happy Valentine’s Day to a dear Daughter and her family. Daughters bring a loving touch today and all year through, but there’s even more joy when she has a family, too! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours, dear Daughter!

12)   A Valentine message for someone dear, a Valentine is many things besides the hearts and flowers; It’s special thoughts and real love that’s meant to fill each hour! May the holiday bring you all the joy you deserve! Happy Valentine’s Day!

13)   A Valentine wish for you. Can’t help feeling sentimental where you are concerned. So it’s only fitting that you should be remembered on Valentine’s Day! Have a great time!

14)   Happy Valentine’s Day to a sister and her family. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time for saying what a wonderful family you’ve always been! Have a great holiday, dear Sister!

15)   Happy Valentine’s Day Great Grandson. This Valentine is filled with love and a message, too; I’m hoping you get all the love that you are surely due! Happy Valentine’s Day, Great Grandson.

16)   A Valentine wish especially for you. On Valentine’s Day, I hope you know that I really think the world of you! Have a fantastic holiday!

17)   Happy Valentine’s Day, dear Brother. We don’t go in for compliments and seldom make a fuss; About the things like family ties that mean so much to us. All the same, on this great day just want to make it clear; that you are truly loved on each and every day all year! Happy Valentine’s Day!

18)   Valentine wishes just for you. Because you do such thoughtful things for others day by day, and you say such thoughtful things in just the nicest way, it isn’t any wonder that you’d get a Valentine; including warmest thoughts of you, and love in every line. Happy Valentine’s Day!

19)   Happy Valentine’s Day, dear Son. You always mean much more to us than you could ever guess; for you have done so very much to bring us happiness! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, Son.

20)   Loving wishes for a special Granddaughter. Some people are nice, some people are sweet and some people are as dear as can be; and once in a while there is someone like you who qualifies to be all there! Happy Valentine’s Day, dear Granddaugher!

21)   Happy Valentine’s Day. If this Valentine sounds happy, that’s exactly how it’s meant; And if it brings a lot of love well, that’s its main intent! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

22)   To a very special Sister and brother-in-law on Valentine’s Day. Of all the Sisters everywhere, and there are quite a few; Just hope you know there couldn’t be a sibling great as you! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your wonderful husband, dear Sister!

23)   Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart. I always knew someday I’d find a sweetheart just like you; someone I’d love with all my heart who’d really love me, too. All my love is coming with this Valentine to say; my dearest dreams came true the day you came my way! Happy Valentine’s Day!

24)   Happy Valentine’s Day to my loving wife. It means everything to me just knowing that you’re here to share my intimate feelings. On Valentine’s Day, I thank you for always listening to and loving me. Let’s have a great holiday!

25)   Happy Valentine’s Day to a lovely Daughter. The years have passed so quickly; seems like only yesterday that you were occupied with dolls and games you used to play. Though you’re all grown up now, there’s one thing that still is true; it’s the love that fills this wish especially for you! Enjoy!

26)   To a Dad who means a lot. Every thought of you brings lots of love on Valentine’s Day! Have a wonderful holiday, Dad!

27)   Happy Valentine’s Day, Grandson. You’ve always brought so many moments of fun and pleasure; now, as a fine young man, you continue to make me very proud you’re my Grandson. Happy Valentine’s Day!

28)   Happy Valentine’s Day, dear Husband. This Valentine comes to tell you of two things in life that I dearly love; being your wife and your best friend! Happy Valentine’s Day, with all my love!

29)   Happy Valentine’s Day to a dear Great Granddaughter. You know I can’t forget you, even for a minute; so here’s a Valentine for you and all my love is in it! Happy Valentine’s Day, Great Granddaughter.

30)   Love for you, Mom, on Valentine’s Day. It’s not every day that you get the praise you deserve; that’s why on Valentine’s Day, it’s important to say how much you mean to me every minute of the day! Have a great day, Mom! I love you.

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  1. Great Valentine’s Day quotes compilation. I could actually use some of these in creating Valentine cards.

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