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FIFA WorldCup 2010 is going to be kicked off soon at South Africa. I believe all the football fans are preparing to support their favorite football team either by flying to South Africa or stay late in front of live sports TV. If you have yet to have 2010 FIFA world cup schedule, don’t forget to bookmark the below schedule.

FIFA World Cup 2010

2010 FIFA world cup schedule

Please take note that the time is in 2400.

Day          Date                      Time                   Country

1        Fri          Jun 11, 2010        11:00pm          South Africa vs Mexico
2        Sat         Jun 12, 2010        2:30am            Uruguay vs France
3        Sat         Jun 12, 2010        11:00pm         Argentina vs Nigeria
4        Sat         Jun 12, 2010        7:30pm          Korea Republic vs Greece
5        Sun        Jun 13, 2010        2:30am          England vs USA
6        Sun        Jun 13, 2010        7:30pm         Algeria vs Slovenia
7        Sun        Jun 13, 2010        11:00pm       Serbia vs Ghana
8        Mon       Jun 14, 2010        2:30am         Germany vs Australia
9        Mon       Jun 14, 2010        7:30pm         Netherlands vs Denmark
10     Mon       Jun 14, 2010        11:00pm       Japan vs Cameroon
11      Tue        Jun 15, 2010        2:30am           Italy vs Paraguay
12      Tue        Jun 15, 2010        7:30pm          New Zealand vs Slovakia
13      Tue        Jun 15, 2010        11:00pm        Côte d’Ivoire vs Portugal
14      Wed       Jun 16, 2010        2:30am          Brazil vs Korea DPR
15      Wed       Jun 16, 2010        7:30pm          Honduras vs Chile
16      Wed       Jun 16, 2010        11:00pm        Spain vs Switzerland
17      Thu        Jun 17, 2010        2:30am          South Africa vs Uruguay
18      Thu        Jun 17, 2010       11:00pm        Greece vs Nigeria
29      Thu        Jun 17, 2010        7:30pm        Argentina vs Korea Republic
20      Fri         Jun 18, 2010        2:30am          France vs Mexico
21       Fri        Jun 18, 2010        7:30pm          Germany vs Serbia
22       Fri        Jun 18, 2010        11:00pm        Slovenia vs USA
23       Sat        Jun 19, 2010        2:30am          England vs Algeria
24       Sat        Jun 19, 2010        11:00pm        Ghana vs Australia
25       Sat        Jun 19, 2010        7:30pm          Netherlands vs Japan
26       Sun        Jun 20, 2010        2:30am         Cameroon vs Denmark
27       Sun        Jun 20, 2010        7:30pm        Slovakia vs Paraguay
28       Sun        Jun 20, 2010        11:00pm       Italy vs New Zealand
29       Mon        Jun 21, 2010        2:30am         Brazil vs Côte d’Ivoire
30       Mon        Jun 21, 2010        7:30pm         Portugal vs Korea DPR
31        Mon        Jun 21, 2010        11:00pm       Chile vs Switzerland
32       Tue        Jun 22, 2010         2:30am          Spain vs Honduras
33       Tue        Jun 22, 2010        11:00pm       Mexico vs Uruguay
34       Tue        Jun 22, 2010        11:00pm       France vs South Africa
35       Wed        Jun 23, 2010        2:30am         Nigeria vs Korea Republic
36       Wed        Jun 23, 2010        2:30am         Greece vs Argentina
37       Wed        Jun 23, 2010        11:00pm       Slovenia vs England
38        Wed        Jun 23, 2010        11:00pm      USA vs Algeria
39        Thu        Jun 24, 2010        2:30am          Ghana vs Germany
40        Thu        Jun 24, 2010        2:30am          Australia vs Serbia
41         Thu        Jun 24, 2010        2:30am          Denmark vs Japan
42         Thu        Jun 24, 2010      2:30am           Cameroon vs Netherlands
43         Fri        Jun 25, 2010        11:00pm         Slovakia vs Italy
44         Fri        Jun 25, 2010        11:00pm         Paraguay vs New Zealand
45         Fri        Jun 25, 2010        11:00pm          Portugal vs Brazil
46         Fri        Jun 25, 2010        11:00pm          Korea DPR vs Côte d’Ivoire
47         Sat        Jun 26, 2010       2:30am             Chile vs Spain
48         Sat        Jun 26, 2010        2:30am             Switzerland vs Honduras

2010 FIFA Official Theme Song – Wavin’ Flag by K’naan

Have you heard 2010 South Africa official FIFA theme song? I know you still remembering the old FIFA theme song such as “OLE…OLE…OLE”…or “Goal! Goal! Goal! OLE…OLE…OLE…”

Since South Africa is the hosting country for FIFA, you will find 2010 FIFA Theme Song quite special and unique. Listen to the below Youtube video – 2010 FIFA official Theme Song.

We are always putting more attention to the famous football players than Worldcup referees and in fact without referees, the FIFA Worldcup games cannot proceed. There are a group of 30 selected referees from all around the world will be the judges of each FIFA World Cup match. As a Malaysian, I am proud to announce that Mr.Subkhiddin Mohd Salleh from Malaysia is one of the 2010 FIFA referees because it’s not an easy task to be selected by FIFA to become their official referee. Below is the list of referees teams chosen by FIFA for your reference:


Khalil Ibrahim Al Ghamdi (Saudi Arabia, referee), Ravshan Irmatov (Uzbekistan, referee), Subkhiddin Mohd Salleh (Malaysia, referee), Yuichi Nishimura (Japan, referee)


Mohamed Benouza (Algeria, referee), Koman Coulibaly (Mali, referee), Jerome Damon (South Africa, referee), Eddy Maillet (Seychelles, referee)


Joel Aguilar (El Salvador, referee), Benito Archundia (Mexico, referee), Carlos Alberto Batres (Guatemala, referee), Marco Rodriquez (Mexico, referee)


Olegario Benquerenca (Portugal, referee), Massimo Busacca (Switzerland, referee), Frank de Bleeckere (Belgium, referee), Martin Hansson (Sweden, referee), Viktor Kassai (Hungary, referee), Stephane Lannoy (France, referee), Roberto Rosetti (Italy, referee), Wolfgang Stark (Germany, referee), Alberto Undiano Mallenco (Spain, referee), Howard Webb (England, referee)


Michael Hester (New Zealand, referee), Peter O’eary (New Zealand, referee)

South America

Carlos Amarilla Demarqui (Paraguay, referee), Hector Baldassi (Argentina, referee), Jorge Larrionda (Uruguay, referee), Pablo Pozo Quinteros (Chile, referee), Oscar Ruiz Acosta (Colombia, referee), Carlos Simon (Brazil, referee)

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