Jul 172010

[Updated 30/01/2012] 1Malaysia mobile clinics will provide free eye-screening services such as cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases to rural areas. There are currently four buses operating as 1Malaysia mobile clinics in remote areas which provides free basic outpatient medical care, ante-natal and post-natal care including immunisation, family planning, health screenings and follow-up treatment.

After the overwhelming success of 1 Malaysia Clinic in Malaysia. Malaysia Government plans to launch 1Malaysia Mobile Clinics (Klinik 1 Malaysia Bergerak) to provide quality and better medical treatment to the rural people.

What Is 1 Malaysia Mobile Clinic?

According to Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, 1Malaysia Mobile Clinics will use buses which equipped with all medical facilities and can handle minor surgeries. It will serve all remote areas with limited access to 1 Malaysia Clinics or Government’s hospitals.

1 Malaysia Mobile Clinic

1Malaysia Mobile Clinics Is A Good Strategy To Serve Rural People.

I personally believe that 1 Malaysia mobile clinics will be able to deliver quality health-care to the people who live in the rural areas, Kampungs or estates. These people’s needs and demands should not be neglected at all. For example, since the launching of 1 Malaysia Clinics throughout the country, there were more than 640 thousand patients had received quality and affordable medical treatment.

People Healthy, Country Strong. That’s right, when Government provide better health-care services to the people; more people will have healthier body and thus boosting the economy and performance of Malaysia.

1 Malaysia Boleh!

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  1. Good. If all our money are used in the correct way. :)

    • @Jayce: I agree, Government should use our money wisely to bring better services and infrastructure to people.

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