May 012010

Do you love to see funny pictures of animals especially funny dog photos and funny cat photos? I know some people love to use these funny animals pics as their desktop wallpapers. Nowadays, most of our desktop are designed to support 1920×1200 resolution and this becomes the main criteria to find 1920×1200 free desktop wallpaper.

Funny Dogs Photo
Below are some high quality wallpapers especially Funny pictures of Dogs and Funny pictures of cats. All these desktop wallpaper are 1920×1200 high resolution wallpapers. You can download each one of them by just right-click-> Save picture as. Enjoy!

1920×1200 Funny Dog Photos

Funny Bulldog

Funny Bulldog

Funny Dog Is Running

Cute Small Dog

Funny Dog

1920×1200 Funny Cat Photos

Cat Photo

Cat Plays With Fish

Cute Kitten

Cute Cat

Funny Cats

1920×1200 Funny Animals Pics

Funny Bear

Funny Rabbits Photo

Funny Polar Bears

Funny Rat Photo

Sleeping Fox

  3 Responses to “1920×1200 Funny Dogs Photos | Funny Cats Pictures”

  1. Haha this is funny, dogs can be so cute…

    Check this dog who skates better than most humans

  2. All 5 cats looking at 1 bird

  3. The photos of the animals are really good. love those pictures. we should protect these animals for our self.

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