Feb 162016

This is to celebrate the little things that make life a truly wonderful and magical experience. And to make our hearts beam with so much ecstasy.

1. Start the day perfectly with cereals…

Or at least an easier to achieve symmetrical breakfast.

2. Or with these uber smooth pancakes.

When these pancakes were even smoother than you.

3. What about these Tater Tots arranged by a Tetris champ?

When the dinner lady was a Tetris champ.

4. And don’t forget to brush your teeth *squeeeze*

Thank you for your service, tube.

5. Look at this gorgeous snow sliding off a car.

6. Or these perfect folds of snow from the slide.

7. How ’bout this clean cut of snow? It shall not pass.

8. All these snow require a snowball fight. Take that!

Let us all stop to enjoy the perfect snowball.

9. This moisturizer gaming is too strong.

How about this once-in-a-lifetime moisturizing experience?

10. Home screen perfection.

There there, now, child – the apps have been arranged.

11. Shopping skills lvl 99999.

12. This perfect filing system deserves a endless shares.

34 Photos That Will Satisfy All Perfectionists

13. Cool photoshop… umm, wait no! It’s not!?

These trees that are like a beautiful glitch in the matrix.

14. This architectural design though. *aahhh*

This magical ramp/step mash-up.

15. Perfection in so many folds… err levels.

When someone took the time to make this happen.

16. This is so perfect my soul is soothed.

This glass that holds EXACTLY one can of Coke.

17. These hangers that are better together than we are.

These hangers that are better together.

18. And these wrap? *rawwrrr*

The time this person won their wrap battle hands down.

And that’s a wrap, everybody! HAHA. Hope you all feel a little more satisfied today. ;-)




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