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Smartphones have found their way into our everyday essentials. We rely on them for almost everything, such as alarm, notes, camera, music, texting, and internet surfing. So it is a real hassle when we don’t know how to make things easier when it comes to using our sometimes complicated phones – specifically the iPhone. Today we’ve gathered 11 tricks that will dramatically maximize your iPhone experience.

1. Shake your iPhone to delete text


Want to delete everything you typed but tired of double tapping and waiting for the option to select all? Why don’t you try shaking your iPhone a little bit instead? This will trigger a dialog box to pop out giving the choice to undo what you typed. If you shake your iPhone after deleting something, a dialog box asking if you want to redo the last action will appear. Makes things easier and cooler, eh?


2. It can track your movement


This feature is totally creepy, but before you consider it useless, let me tell you how you can use it to your advantage. So you have a partner whom you think is cheating on you? Ask your partner where he/she went, then you can check if the love of your life told you the truth. If not, then maybe it’s time to confront the person and demand to know what’s really going on.


3. Letters for passcode


Bored of the same old kind of passcodes? Try something new by simply turning off Simple Passcode in your settings. You will be asked to enter your old password. Once done, it will ask you to input your new password using letters instead of numbers.


4. See a detailed calendar


Don’t know how you can view your schedule completely? Hold your phone horizontally and watch your screen rotate to landscape. Now you can see your full schedule for the day in a more detailed way.

Ps. If this doesn’t work, go to settings and turn off the Portrait Orientation Lock.


5. Closing apps like a boss


You don’t need to tire your finger swiping up to close all the apps in line. Why do it one by one if you can close two apps at a time, or three at a time? Don’t believe me? Try it now!


6. Take photos with the volume buttons


Most people try so hard to reach the circle button when taking a selfie. They are desperate to reach it thinking there’s no other way to capture the photo since the default camera app has no timer option. But hold it people, there are two ways to do it actually. You can either press the volume buttons or…

7. Use headset to capture selfies


Yes folks. Just plug in your headset, set up your phone on a table, hold the volume rocker, strike a pose, and press the button. There you have it. A cheaper, better, and easier alternative to selfie sticks.


8. Airplane mode for faster charging


If you’re in a hurry to leave the house but still have to wait for your phone to at least charge a little more, then try this trick next time. Whenever you charge your phone, switch it to airplane mode so it will charge twice as fast. Not only will you save time, you’ll aso save a little on your electricity consumption.


9. Time info of your texts


Before you go around complaining about how Apple failed to put timestamps on texts, try swiping your finger to the left while you’re reading a message. You see little numbers appear while you swipe? Yes, those are the timestamps you were looking for.


10. Take superb, high-quality photos


iPhone cameras are one of the best (if not the best) in the smartphone world, but when you’re given an option to have an even better photos, why not use it? The HDR mode allows you to take excellent photos in different settings and scenes. Photos turn out crisp, vivid, colorful and even DSLR-like sometimes.


11. Speed up iPhone performance



Turn on the reduce motion and the increase contrast on the phone’s settings. This will remove the parallax effect that can slow down your phone and speed it up a little. Also, always leave at least 2 gigabytes of storage on your phone to avoid it from lagging and crashing apps.


And that’s a wrap. We hope you can use at least some of these tricks to improve your iPhone experience. Let us know what you think in the comments below!











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