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Sometimes, or most of the time, we wish that life was just a little bit easier. With all the advanced technology we have it’s baffling how there are tasks that we still find hard to do, like opening a jar lid or cleaning the kitchen sink. But we have the internet now, and the all so reliable Google to help us with our tiny problems. I scoured the World Wide Web for some of the most useful life hacks and here are some of them:

1. Marker Mishap


Accidentally used permanent marker on your whiteboard? Turns out it can be removed using a plain, old rubber eraser. Rubbing an eraser on the surface of a whiteboard will removed the permanent marker due to friction. But it takes a bit of effort so if you don’t want that, you can try using toothpaste. Toothpaste contains abrasives that will wipe the marker off of most surfaces.

2. Hello, Uhhm…


Was there a point in your life when you forgot someone’s name and you’re embarrassed to ask them again because you don’t want them to know that you forgot it? Well, here’s a simple trick that I read. Ask that person what their full name is. In this way, they will just think that you wanted to know what their last name was. It’s not much of a life hack but it sure does save you from yet another awkward moment.

3. Dangers of Frying


Cooking can be fun since it means that you get to eat after. You know what’s not fun? Oil splatters. Now, I don’t know how legit this is since I haven’t tried it myself but as it turns out there’s a simple trick to prevent oil from splattering when you’re frying something up. Just sprinkle a bit of salt on the frying pan and you’re good to go!

4. Polish to the Rescue



Do you have nail polishes that have dried up? You don’t need to throw them away immediately. Just put a drop or two of nail polish remover, give it a little shake and you can use them again! And if you accidently got superglue on your skin, you can use nail polish remover to dissolve the glue. It can also be used to remove various stains like shoe streaks on tiles and soap scum.

5. Cold shower vs. Acne


Got acne problems? Taking a cold shower will help since it closes the pores and this prevents dirt from getting in. Aside from that, cold showers are also good for your hair and your blood circulation. It also helps with muscle pain. It’s healthier and more beneficial than taking hot showers. Not only that, it’s also saves energy.

6. LSS No More


Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? Like, you can’t help yourself you just spontaneously sing it? The first few times it happens, it’s still fine but after five or six times it gets annoying, doesn’t it? Well there are few tricks on how to get rid of that earworm problem. One is try chewing a gum and it would get that song out of your head, or you could try listening to the full song.

7. Rub It Off


Do you have problem removing stickers off of something? Try using vinegar. Rub it on the sticker and it will come right off. It will even take away the goo that’s usually left behind if you just peel the sticker off. You can also use nail polish remover, just make sure that it doesn’t contain acetone if you’re going to use it in a painted surface or the paint color might fade.

8. Pop That Lid


Now, about that jar. There are several ways to pry the lid off a hard to open jar. One of them is putting on rubber gloves to increase the grip of your strength. If that doesn’t work try to break the vacuum seal of the jar. You can try dipping it in hot water. The heat will break the vacuum seal and once you hear the pop you can start twisting on that jar lid.

9. Sticky Situation


Who else had been unfortunate enough to get gum on their hair? If this happens to you, just rub on some oil on it. It’ll break down the gum. No need to shear off your crowning glory. Now if the gum stuck on your clothes, just stick in the freezer and the cold will make the gum frigid and easier to remove.

10. Red Days Struggle


This last life hack is for all the girls out there. We all know that every month, you have your period. And aside from the pain and mood swings you also have to deal with, for lack of a better word, back leaks. Pads and tampons can’t prevent back leaks one hundred percent. To help you with removing the stain, you can use hydrogen peroxide. It’s also useful in removing other stains and it can be diluted to be used as a cleanser and a mouthwash.

That’s it for my own compilation of life hacks. I know it’s not enough. It doesn’t even cover half of the complaints and queries I see everywhere on the internet but I do hope that some of these will come in handy one day.

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